100% renewable district heating


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The following map makes visible concrete example for the use of renewable energies and related local information. Zoom in to a selected region and click on an example to find out more.


A broad network of organisations, local and regional authorities and other energy actors is developing this map jointly within the framework of the repowermap.org initiative. The non-profit initiative, which is supported by the European Union through the Intelligent Energy Europe programme, aims to encourage people to use renewable energies and energy efficiency by making visible concrete examples in each person’s neighbourhood and to promote know-how exchange at local level as well as across borders.
Within the framework of the SUNSTORE4 project and in cooperation with the repowermap.org initiative, a map will be created showing specifically examples for district heating/cooling with renewable energies:

Do you know an example for district heating/cooling with renewable energies? Have you installed a renewable district heating/cooling plant? Add your example to the map to make it visible and inspire others to take action as well. Each example counts!

Please include the terms district heating or district cooling in the keywords when adding your example.

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