100% renewable district heating

Events / Presentations

June 2014, 2nd International Solar District Heating Conference (session “Smart district heating systems including solar thermal / Sunstore4″)
Pictures available here

March 2014, Workshop in Marstal (Presentation of the SUNSTORE4 Demonstration Energy Plant)
Designing the SUNSTORE4 plant with and without heat pump” (PlanEnergi)
Design of the water storage” (PlanEnergi)
Design of wood chip boiler and ORC” (Euro Therm and BIOS)
Control system” (Sunmark)
Monitoring results” (Solites)
Duplicating the SUNSTORE concept in Europe” (Ambiente Italia)

September 2013, 3rd Global District Energy Climate Awards
Video of the awards presentation is available here

September 2013, 3rd Global District Energy Climate Awards
SUNSTORE4 praised with Award of Excellence for Expansion to 100% renewable district heating with solar thermal seasonal storage for zero carbon energy

July 2013, Global Solar Thermal Energy Council website
District Energy & Smart Energy Grids. Experience from Denmark

March 2013, Teleriscaldamento verde (Green district heating) conference
Il solare termico per impianti di teleriscaldamento (Solar thermal for district heating plants)” (IT)

November 2012, Finale conference of the ENESCOM project
Teleriscaldamento da solare termico (Solar district heating)” (IT)

October 2012, Conference of the DHC+ Technology Platform ‘The next DHC generation’
Sunstore 4 and the road to 100% renewable DHC

April 2012, Euroheat&Power Annual Conference ‘Teaming up for renewable heating and cooling’
Latest and future developments in solar district heating

April 2012, Highlights der Energieforschung ‘Erneuerbares Heizen und Kühlen’
EU Sunstore4 - Kombinierte Warme-bereitstellung aus Biomasse und Solarenergie (CHP Plant based on a Hybrid Biomass and Solar System of the Next Generation)” (DE) and (EN)

Marstal Fjernvarme
Towards 100 % renewable energy in large scale hybrid systems