100% renewable district heating

Experiences of construction

The hole of the pit heat storage has been made, and bottom linier is installed, and the storages it nearly full of water. Heavy rain has caused 6 months delay in finishing the pit heat storage with subsequent high cost of pumping out the rain water. The lid of the storages is expected to be built in the month of April and May, and then the store will be ready for operation.

The area of the solar collector field has been prepared/leveled out and grass has been sown, but due to the rainy summer, in Denmark, it has not yet been possible to establish the solar collector field yet, and only 50 % of the pipe systems are established. It is expected that the solar collectors can be set on operation in May, with a delay of eight months.

The boiler building has been established, although the heavy rain in the summer also here has been a challenge, and causing 2 month of delay.

The process of manufacturing the wood chips boiler system, the ORC-system and the heat pump system is running, and we expect that the first start of the boiler will be the 26 of March. When the wood chip boiler is running there will be a startup of the ORC plant, and then the heat pump.